Japanese idol Airi Suzuki archives - Magazine photos and video of Airi Suzuki

Maimi Yajima & Airi Suzuki Young Gangan

Japanese pop idols Maimi Yajima and Airi Suzuki of girl group °C-ute in 2014-no.17 issue of Young Gangan [Jp], a biweekly magazine. Image via Nihongirls.

C-ute Maimi Yajima Airi Suzuki Young Gangan

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Airi Suzuki Singapore DVD teaser

Teaser video for J-pop idol Airi Suzuki’s Singapore DVD which was filmed in the island-nation in Southeast Asia. I think it’s behind-the-scene (plus extra) footages from the making of her Kyomei photobook which was released earlier this year.

Airi Suzuki celebrates graduation with Young Gangan Magazine

Japanese pop idol Airi Suzuki of girl group C-ute in 2013-no.5 issue of Young Gangan Magazine [Jp] which “celebrates” her high school graduation. Japanese female idols made their debut early, usually in mid-teens… magazines often featured the popular ones (in bundle sometimes) during graduation season.

Cute Airi Suzuki Young Gangan Magazine

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