Ancient Chinese beauty paintings

Chinese paintings from Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) of some ancient “beauties” in their daily livings. The artworks were painted on folding screens (184cm x 98cm) and are currently stored in Beijing’s Palace Museum. Image via Xinhuanet [Cn]…

Ancient Chinese beauty painting

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KARA, Japanese Christmas, fried chicken

A Japanese commercial featuring Korean pop group KARA, for convenience-store-chain Family Mart’s fried chicken for the upcoming Christmas celebration…

Fried chicken is synonymous to Christmas party in Japan. It’s a long story… in short the tradition started in the 1970s after an ingenious marketing campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken (very popular in Japan) – that fried chicken was the best alternative to the customary Xmas turkey which was scarce in those days.

KTB girls, aerobic exercise, corporate culture

South Korea’s KTB Investment & Securities has released a video of some girls (presumably the firm’s female employees) doing some simple “aerobic exercises”…

Reminded me of my old Japanese employer, where staff would get together in the morning to do some stretching exercises. We didn’t have much girls (95% male) in our department though, unfortunately… else I might have stayed there a bit longer ;)

Group exercise is a common corporate culture in Japan (and Korea to a lesser degree). Besides whatever benefit it brings, missing an exercise session – usually the first thing in the morning – literally means that someone is late for work, it’s serious matter.

Asian Funeral & Cemetery Industry Expo

The 2011 Asian Funeral & Cemetery Industry Exposition is currently held in Hong Kong with over 100 of exhibitors from 13 countries. Some “interesting” stuff here…

Asian Funeral and Cemetery Industry Exposition in Hong Kong

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Liu Fang – Ambush pipa solo

Chinese pipa virtuoso Liu Fang playing a traditional classic, Ambush from All Sides (十面埋伏), during a 2002 show in Canada. Pipa is a four-stringed musical instrument invented some 1800 years ago. Video via Moremusicale@YT

Liu Fang is one of the world’s most prominent pipa player. She’s born in China, but is residing in Canada. She’s performing mainly in western countries these days.

Ambush is about the final battle of General Xiang Yu in 202 BC, in which he was ambushed and defeated by Liu Bang, who later founded the Han Dynasty. The classic is believed to be written during Tang Dynasty (618–907), it’s widely played in Chinese orchestras and has been used as theme song for some movies.