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Ju-on: The Beginning of the End (2014) movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese horror film Ju-on: The Beginning of the End – the seventh instalment of the popular Japanese movie franchise – starring Nozomi Sasaki, Sho Aoyagi and Reina Triendl. In theatres on June 28.

The third instalment of the franchise was remade by Hollywood as The Grudge in 2004, followed by two sequels in 2006 and 2009.

Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014) movie trailer

Trailer for Chinese movie Black Coal, Thin Ice (白日焰火) which won the Golden Bear for best picture at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Directed by Diao Yinan, starring Liao Fan (best actor in Berlin), Guey Lun Mei and Wang Xuebing…

It follows the story of an ex-cop who lost his job five-years ago following his blunder in a murder case (with body parts found in coal factories across a small town). He became a drunkard but decides to re-investigate the old files after identical murders begin again, and discovers that everything links back to the wife of the first victim.

FLARE (2014) movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese movie FLARE, directed by Yuki Otsuka and starred Mayuko Fukuda, Valentin Bonhomme and Alice Hirose etc.

The film tells the story of Flare, a Japanese girl with a troubled childhood who found direction in life after crossing path with a French photographer who works in Japan, and also a lesbian she met at a probation centre.

Mayuko Fukuda, the leading lady, was a popular child/teen actress who has starred in dozens of dramas and movies. She’s turning 20 this year.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014

The HK Film Awards Association [Cn] has released photos of the main nominees of the 2014 awards which will be presented at Hong Kong Cultural Centre on April 13. The images will feature in a special publication for the gala event.

[Update] The main winners include The Grandmaster (film), Zhang Ziyi (actress), Nick Cheung (actor), Kara Hui (supporting actress), Max Zhang (supporting actor), Wong Kar Wai (director) and Babyjohn Choi (newcomer). Congratulations.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 best actress nominees
Best Actress – Cherry Ngan, Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Sammi Cheng, Nina Paw

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Godzilla (1954) Japanese movie trailer

Black and white trailer for the first Godzilla movie in 1954. It’s the beginning of a Japanese pop culture icon which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Got to say the special effects are pretty amazing for a film from that era…

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