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I went to Seoul Motor Show 2015

I’m in Korea again, three years after my previous trip. It’s my first visit to a Korean trade event though, and there’s probably no better place to start than the biennial Seoul Motor Show (on April 10), with beautiful cars and promo models.

Seoul Motor Show 2015 model Kim Ha Yul

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Subaru Dog Tested Commercials

American commercial series for Japanese car brand Subaru. The ad campaign features The Barkleys, a dog family doing human things with a tad of humour.

Simple human activities can look fun when you have adorable pets, anime characters or other cute things doing that. It’s a timeless marketing ploy.

In the Dog House

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Beijing Int’l Automotive Exhibition 2014

Press-day video from the ongoing Beijing International Automotive Exhibition which is held on April 21-29, 2014. Plenty of cars and a few trade show models.

Also known as Auto China, the biennial event alternates with Auto Shanghai as China’s major yearly international automotive exhibition.

Subaru boxer engine design and benefits

A video by Japanese car maker Subaru about the benefits of a flat engine, also known as a boxer engine. The later got its name because of the pistons which move horizontally like boxers throwing punches.

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Subaru Forester x Attack on Titan

Japanese commercial for Subaru Forester – a compact crossover SUV – featuring the giants from popular anime-manga series Attack on Titan.

Subaru is the seventh largest car maker in Japan in terms of sales. This video features three Subaru ads, the crossover version appears on 00:16-00:45.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series by Hajime Isayama. In addition, it was made into an anime TV series in 2013 which became a huge hit. It is one of the biggest Japanese pop culture products for the past few years.

Shinji Higuchi, famous for his special effect works in Japan, directed the particular commercial. He’s also the director for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the show, scheduled to release in summer 2015.

The franchise is also popular in other countries. Besides the live-action film, a sequel for the anime TV series is also in plan. The later will probably come out in 2016.