Models Kim Ha-yul & Ryu Ji-hye take a ride in Lamborghini

Videos of popular Korean racing models Kim Ha-yul and Ryu Ji-hye taking a ride in a Lamborghini LP560-4 in GirlGear, an InsiteTV show.

Chinese man destroyed his Lamborghini sport car

A rich dude in China’s Qingdao City smashed his US$500,000 (including tax) Lamborghini Gallardo sport car in front of dozens of spectators, including some invited press, following series of unresolved disputes with the car dealer.

China man destroyed Lamborghini

It’s claimed that the car dealer sold him a faulty sport car and couldn’t fix the problem and refused to take up responsibility, thus he’s smashing the car on the World Consumer Rights Day (March 15) to show his strong dissatisfaction.

Lamborghini China responded that they have never given up on fixing the car and expressed their regrets for the inconvenience cause and the smashing of the car.

Super GT Sepang 2009 race cars

Some race cars photos from Super GT Malaysia 2009. One of the interesting things about the Super GT series is that the race cars are normally modified sport cars which we could find on the streets; it’s more ‘real’ as compared to F1 etc…

Impul Calsonic GT-R (Nissan GT-R)
Impul Calsonic GT-R at Super GT Malaysia

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Korean police and super cars

Can’t afford a Lamborghini, or Ferrari, or Porsche? Try being a cop in South Korea instead… [via Cutkillavince [Fr]]

Korean police and super race cars

Super GT Sepang 2008 – practise

Went to Sepang International Circuit this morning with KC to catch a glimpse of the Super GT, a popular Japan based auto racing series.

Today was practise session for the racers… and some practises for me too. It’s a bit challenging for a n00b to take photos of these fast moving vehicles; below are some of the better shots with plenty of rooms for improvements…

Porsche 996 GT3 RS at Super GT Malaysia 2008
Team Gaikokuya – Gaishano Gaikokuya & LMP Porsche – Porsche 996GT3RS

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