Moumoon – Sunshine Girl Japanese MV

Japanese music video for Sunshine Girl by pop band moumoon which was released last month. A cute and soothing song which brightens my day, love it…

Moumoon, often stylized as moumoon, is a pop duo comprising YUKA (vocals) and Kousuke Masaki (guitar). The band’s name is a combination of French word “mou” which means soft, and the English “moon”.

The duo met at a summer rock festival in 2004 and formed the group a year later. The band stayed indie for a few years before signing with major label Avex. If not mistaken Sunshine Girl is their first major release.

Moumoon also self-produced and arranged most of their songs, with Masaki composing the music and YUKA writing the lyrics.

Avex USA Star Search 2009

Japanese talent agency Avex is running an audition campaign in the US. The first confirmed venue is at Honolulu, Hawaii on November 14; the remainder of the schedule will be decided upon the responses from respective cities.

The online registration will expire on October 31. Japanese pop star wannabe… kindly check the official audition website for details.

Japanese talent management agency Avex Star Search 2009

Avex is one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan; boosting the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, Ai Otsuka, BoA and Tohoshinki etc.

Also check out SM audition and JYPE audition, from two major Korean agencies which are hunting talents in Oct/Nov in US and Canada.

Chinese singer alan creates record on Japanese chart

Chinese-Tibetan artist Alan Dawa Dolma – or simply known as alan – became the first singer from China to top the Japanese Oricon sales chart. It’s just for one day on April 13 though, with her ninth Japanese single River of Eternity.

The song is an original soundtrack for Chinese film Red Cliff 2. The movie made its premier in Japan on April 10. Below is the official music video.

The music is composed by Taro Iwashiro, famous for his various OST works. The single album also includes a Chinese version of the song.

Oricon Weekly Chart

Oricon sales charts are arguably the most important music stats in Japan. The public usually pay most attention to the weekly chart instead of the daily one.

Although River of Eternity didn’t top the weekly chart, it peaked at third spot which is also a new high by a Chinese artist. It’s great achievement either way.

Singer Faye Wong held the previous record (ninth) with Eyes On Me in 1999.

Alan Dawa Dolma

Alan started her professional singing career in China in 2005. She was signed by Japanese music label Avex and released her first Japanese single in 2007.

Alan focuses in Japan these days, but has a huge fan base in her home country too.

Sweet Black feat Maki Goto – Fly Away music video

Japanese pop singer Maki Goto has released her first single since moving to new label Avex. The song is titled Fly Away, and she’s making the fresh start with a new stage name, i.e. Sweet Black feat Maki Goto, which is a bit senseless IMO.

Just an ok song. Love her hair though, the main reason why I’m posting this video =)

Avex World Audition 2008

Japanese leading entertainment agency Avex, which boost the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Amuro Namie and Ai Otsuka etc… is holding AWA 2008, its first ever worldwide audition in celebration with the company’s 20th anniversary.

Screenshot for Avex World Audition 2008

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