Dunkin’ Charcoal Donuts Thailand

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand has introduced a new range of Charcoal Donuts last month (which caused a bit of uproar in the west for its black-faced advert). The use of edible bamboo charcoal has gained popularity in Asia in recent years, especially in bakery products. It’s thought to bring certain health benefits.

Dunkin Charcoal Donuts Thailand

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Rain & Goo Hye-sun – Tous Les Jours

Korean pop star Rain and actress Goo Hye-sun teamed up in this cute commercial for Tous Les Jours, a “French-Asian” bakery franchise in South Korea.

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Giant mooncake in China

A giant moon-cake is made in conjunction with a bakery festival in Shenyang, China. The gigantic moon-cake is weighed over 10 tonnes, has a surface of 52 square metres and is stuffed with 10 different stuffing.

Giant moon cake in China

Moon-cake is a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival – the 15th day of the eight lunar month on Chinese calendar. A normal moon-cake is just around palm-size. Image via Xinhuanet [Cn].