China unveils world’s largest building

Dubbed as the world’s largest building (or the largest standalone structure by floorspace, to be precise), the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu, China, has opened its doors to public last month. Photos by 郭红元@Baidu [Cn]…

New Century Global Centre, Chengdu, China

With 1,700,000 square metres of floorspace, the building consists of a large shopping area, and also offices, conference hall, two hotels, entertainment facilities, ice skating rink, a Mediterranean village, and a theme park with an artificial beach.

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Tokyo Sky Tree time-lapse

Time lapse video of Tokyo Sky Tree by Darwinfish105 [Jp]. The construction of the tower – the world’s tallest (634m) – was completed on February 29.

Tokyo Sky Tree skyline at night

The definition of “tower” differs from “building”, with the later mainly habitable. For many years the world’s tallest tower is taller than the tallest building, but it changed in 2010 with the completion of Burj Khalifa (830m) in the United Arab of Emirates.

Kingdom Tower will be world’s tallest

The construction of the new world’s tallest skyscraper – the Kingdom Tower – is officially underway in Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom Tower is designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture – the same designer of Burj Khalifa, the current world’s tallest structure. The Kingdom Tower will be over 1000 metres, at least 173m taller than Burj Khalifa (828m).

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