Lydia Ko becomes youngest LGPA winner

New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko sets another record as the youngest winner (15 yrs 4 mths) in history of the LPGA Tour after winning the Canadian Open over the weekend, breaking the record of American Lexi Thompson (16 yrs 7 mths).

The Korean-born became the youngest winner of a professional event earlier this year (broken later by Canadian Brooke Henderson), and she’s making another phenomenal leap with this achievement. She’s yet to turn pro though, and according to statement she’s likely to stay amateur until she finishes her high school.

Grace Park Fresh Vancouver

Korean-Canadian actress Grace Park is featured in June/July 2012 issue of Fresh Vancouver Magazine. Image by photographer Florence Leung

Grace Park Fresh Vancouver Magazine

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Avril Lavigne Wild Rose commercial

Official TV spot for Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne’s new fragrance Wild Rose.

Global Peace Index 2011

The 2011 Global Peace Index has been released recently. Check out a video-summary of the findings and also a screenshot of the 10 highest ranked countries…

Global Peace Index 2011

You can visit GPI’s official site for more details and results. In general the better ranked countries are safer to live in, but the terror attack in Norway (ranked #9) shows just how unpredictable things could be.

Asian man boarded flight in ‘unbelievable’ disguise

Canadian officials have detained a young Asian man who boarded a flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver disguised as an elderly white male.

Young Asian man unbelievable elder white male disguise
Before-and-after photos [via BBC]

Canadian Border Services said the man wore a silicone mask covering his head and neck in what they called an “unbelievable case of concealment”. Suspicions were raised when an apparently elderly passenger was noticed with young looking hands. Later he emerged from a wash room looking like a man in his twenties.

The man is reported to be seeking refugee status in Canada. I wonder if he could make it without being caught if he didn’t remove the mask during the flight; or perhaps it was his intention to get caught since he’s looking for refuge anyway.