Marina Bay Sands 24/7 Redefined

Commercial for Marina Bay Sands, a hotel & casino resort in Singapore which is becoming an icon for the island nation since its opening 2010.

The complex is an architecture marvel, and its infinity edge swimming pool – which offers an amazing view of Singapore – is simply genius.

Las Vegas vacation travel guide by Expedia

An introductory video and vacation guide for Las Vegas, the world’s famous casino city in Nevada, America. Made by travel website company Expedia.

Seven Luck Casino advert

Creative advertisement from Korea’s Seven Luck Casino. Click pic for full size…

Seven Luck Casino Korean advertisement

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Seven Luck Casino, Seoul, South Korea

Seven Luck Casino, Seoul, South KoreaThere are more than a dozen casinos in South Korea, all but one are opened only to foreigners. There are three in Seoul if not mistaken – Seven Luck with two branches (in Jung-gu and Gangnam) and Walker Hill.

I’m a social gambler, normally visiting a casino 2-3 times a year. Not here to endorse gambling though, in fact it’s advisable to stay away from it if possible lol.

I ended up losing a bit after three visits to the Seven Luck casinos during my Seoul visit, but their hospitality mesmerised me – where patrons are treated like VIP with free food, free drinks (served to the table) and great customer care.

With all the pampering I thought I was living in a rich man’s world for a few moments lol, but reality is that nothing came free in this world… unfortunately some people would have to pay a high price on the gaming tables (and some would lose more than just $) to learn the fact.

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Hong Kong mahjong school

Mahjong (麻將) is a popular game in Chinese community. The game was invented two thousand years ago, and it’s often played as a gambling game these days.

Hong Kong mahjong school

Privately-run gambling businesses are illegal in Hong Kong, but there are legal mahjong schools for people to “learn to play” game. You can probably guess that most people who are learning in these schools are experts themselves.

There are not many licenses issued for mahjong school though; most of these schools can be found in Yau Tsim Mong district. Photo taken in Jordan area – a banner outside of a mahjong school showing the basic rules of the mahjong game, perhaps trying to make the place a bit more school like lol.

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