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Casio EXILIM FR10 Commercial

Japanese commercial-movie for Casio EX-FR10, a digital camera which separates the lens from the controller. Accessories are provided so that the lens can be placed/attached to various spots; not sure if it’s a new idea but looks interesting.

Retail price is around USD450. I’m looking for a new compact camera, this is a plausible alternative. I’m a bit sceptical with the brand’s image quality though.

Girls’ Generation making Casio adverts

Behind the scene photos (HD) of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation shooting the 2015 advertisements for Casio Sheen and Baby-G watches.

Girls Generation Yoona shooting Casio commercial

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BABY-G x Girls’ Generation 2013

Japanese watchmaker Casio has unveiled the latest advertisement for its BABY-G series, featuring Korean pop group Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation Baby-G Kiss Me

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s colourful HD endorsement photos for Casio Baby-G watches’s 2013 Kiss Me marketing campaign. The ladies are brand ambassadors for Baby-G in the Asian region (selective countries).

Girls Generation Casio Baby-G Kiss Me 2013

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