Celebrity guests at Kwon Sang-woo’s wedding

The wedding ceremony of Korean celebrity couple Kwon Sang-woo & Son Tae-young was attended by truckload of movie and TV stars. Pictures of some celebrity guests below (image from Newsen)…

Choi Ji-woo

Picture of Korean actress Choi Ji-woo at Kwon Sang-woo wedding ceremony

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Choi Ji-woo and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in environmental ad

Japan Ad Council and Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp have jointly produced a commercial featuring popular stars Choi Ji-woo and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.

The ad promotes no-car day in Korea and recycling project in Japan. The idea is to create a friendly rivalry between the two nations to protect the environment.

Japanese version…

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Jackie Chan and Choi Ji-woo promote Hallyuwood theme park

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Choi Ji-woo have been chosen as honorary ambassadors of Hallyuwood, a Korean pop culture theme park in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The duo attended the ground breaking ceremony on May 29 alongside other celebrities e.g. Kim Ah-joong and Kim Yun-jin etc. Image by Newsen.

Jackie Chan and Choi Ji-woo at Hallyuwood start festival

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Winter Sonata anime trailer

First trailer for anime version of “Winter Sonata”, based on the (same title) Korean drama which was a big hit across Asia a few years ago.

The animation project was revealed in 2007, but only started gaining some serious notice in March 2008 after the announcement that Korean star Bae Yong-joon is going to voice his own character from the original drama… he shares a few words at the end of the trailer.

Update May 29 – Choi Ji-woo has agreed to join the project.