Chum Churum Soju – like the first time

New Korean commercial for Chum Churum rice wine, featuring young idols Hyuna, Hara and Hyorin. The trio is replacing pop singer Lee Hyori as the brand ambassador… a tough task as Hyori was almost synonymous with the soju for the past few years.

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Shake your soju with Lee Hyori

Korean pop star Lee Hyori in the new 2011 commercial for Chum Churum rice wine…

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Lee Hyori – Chum Churum soju commercial

Korean pop star Lee Hyori makes people doing crazy dance in a new Chum Churum soju (Korean rice wine) commercial…

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Snippet: Hyori @ Cosmopolitan Korea 10th anniversary tri-cover

After School Uee likes Cool soju

Korean pop star Uee from girl group After School posing for Chum Churum’s Cool soju. The 22-year-old singer-actress is a commercial darling in Korea, her posters and adverts could be seen here-there-everywhere in Seoul

After School Uee for Korean Chum Churum Cool soju

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Uee Chum Churum Cool commercial

Korean singer Uee from pop group After School is picked as the new model for Chum Churum Cool, a Korean soju (rice wine)…

The commercial is a hot issue in Korea. Personally I think the dance is awkward; wearing hot pants and flashing her pretty legs (or honey thighs as dubbed the Koreans) doesn’t make the whole thing sexy if that’s what they were intending at the first place.

[Update] Check out Uee’s Chum Churum Cool photoshoot.

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