Rainbow Hyunyoung Black Squad

Hyunyoung of Korean girl group Rainbow is chosen as the spokesmodel for FPS game Black Squad [Kr], published by Neowiz Games.

Rainbow Hyunyoung Black Squad cosplay endorsement

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Girl’s Day – Legion of Heroes commercial

Korean commercial for Nexon’s mobile MMORPG Legion of Heroes, featuring pop group Girl’s Day which has been doing really well in 2014…

SimCity game intro trailer

Opening trailer for SimCity video game which will be released in March 2013…

Thought of purchasing the game when it was announced in mid-2012; change my mind though, not because of the game itself but some technicality issue…

As the trends go, SimCity can only be played online even in single player mode. It’s an understandable measure for the game makers to counteract piracy, but I have enough frustrating experience with Diablo 3 in the past few months which hurts my (online) gaming appetite regardless of how huge a fan I used to be.

SimCity 2013 trailer

Trailer for the new SimCity city building simulation game, coming March 2013…

Its last version (spin-off excluded) was released way back in 2003, used to be one of favourite video games. Guess I’ll give it a go if I have the leisure time.

Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

Promotional images by Blizzard Korea [Kr] for the launching of Diablo III video game. The model is dressed in costumes of one of the main heroes, the (female) Demon Hunter. Guess this will be my main character when I get the game =)

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Korean cosplay

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