F*ing Motesto by Moe Oshikiri & Yuri Ebihara

Promotional wallpapers for 2014 S/S collection of Motesto, a hosiery line co-produced by Japanese models Moe Oshikiri and Yuri Ebihara. The duo are exclusive models for AneCan Magazine and have collaborated in many other projects.

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Nanami Sakuraba and Mitsubishi Estate in New York

Japanese advert for Mitsubishi Estate [Jp] which was filmed in New York, featuring actress Nanami Sakuraba. Mitsubishi Estate is the second largest real estate firm in Japan and the main shareholder of The Rockefeller Group in US.

[Update] The commercial video is deleted from Youtube, typical for Japanese online content due to portrait rights etc. Too bad as it’s a pretty cute one.

Nanami Sakuraba Mitsubishi Estate wallpaper

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Taylor Swift Disney Rapunzel wallpaper

American singer Taylor Swift plays Rapunzel (which suits perfectly) in a photoshoot for Disney Dream Portrait by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Taylor Swift Disney Rapunzel wallpaper

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Girls’ Generation G-STAR RAW Japan

Japanese commercial and wallpaper for denim brand G-STAR RAW [Jp], featuring Korean pop group Girls’ Generation. Click picture for full size (2048×1148).

Girls Generation G-STAR RAW Japan

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Keiko Kitagawa SALA Wallpaper

Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa’s computer wallpaper, provided by Kanebo SALA [Jp] to promote its latest hair wax product – 1280×1024 and 1280×800 size.

Keiko Kitagawa Kanebo Sala wallpaper