Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Japan Tour 2013 (HD)

HD photos of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon from the Korean pop group’s Girls & Peace Japan Tour in Hiroshima on March 19/20. The birthday girl created plenty of buzz lately with her brand new Instagram account, which makes her officially the first SNSD member to run a social media webpage.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Japan Arena Tour 2013

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Ayumi Hamasaki 15th Anniversary Tour special video

A special video for Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki’s upcoming 15th Anniversary Tour ~A Best Live~, which showcases many of her hit songs over the years. Fans can vote for the songs that they want to see for the concerts.

This reminds me of how huge a fan I was during university days… the good old days. I’ll probably go for her concert if she comes to Malaysia.

SNSD @ Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert Philippines (HD)

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s HD performance pics from the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in Manila, Philippines, on January 19. Photos by Soshirawr, via Snsdpics

SNSD Sunny Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert Philippines

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2AM Bila Terasa Rindu @ Malaysia Concert

Video of Korean pop group 2AM singing a Malay song, Bila Terasa Rindu (originally by Malaysian singer Dafi), at The Way of Love 2AM Concert in Malaysia on December 1.

They performed that really well. The concert was widely praised by fans and media too.

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Rainbow Gyeongju Univ Festival Fancam

Fancam of Korean pop group Rainbow, performing their hit song A at the Gyeongju University Festival on May 23, 2012.

Love the casual style. Kpop stylists often overdo the costumes (many are custom made for each song/album), sometimes simplicity is the best.