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Casio EXILIM FR10 Commercial

Japanese commercial-movie for Casio EX-FR10, a digital camera which separates the lens from the controller. Accessories are provided so that the lens can be placed/attached to various spots; not sure if it’s a new idea but looks interesting.

Retail price is around USD450. I’m looking for a new compact camera, this is a plausible alternative. I’m a bit sceptical with the brand’s image quality though.

Aoi Miyazaki Olympus Camera

Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki’s endorsement photos (new and old) for Olympus Pen [Jp] camera series. The gadgets should be the centre of focus but the styling caught my attention instead, love it. Image via Nihongirls.

Aoi Miyazaki Japanese Olympus camera endorsement

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Keiko Kitagawa Sony Cyber-shot

Japanese advertising campaign for Sony Cyber-shot [Jp], featuring popular actress Keiko Kitagawa. The idea is straightforward, to showcase the quality of the photos that can be taken by the compact camera.

Keiko Kitagawa Sony Cybershot Japanese advert

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Kasumi Arimura Toshiba FlashAir Commercial

Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura in the latest commercial for Toshiba Flashair [Jp] SD cards. She’s a commercial darling in Japan with dozen of endorsement deals.

Kasumi Arimura Toshiba FlashAir SD Card

Han Hyo-joo – Samsung Mirror Pop commercial

Korean commercial for Samsung’s Mirror Pop MV800 digital camera, starring actress Han Hyo-joo and actor Lee Je-hoon. The flip-screen is nothing new, but cameras with this feature is usually a bit bulky; this one looks sleek and nice…

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