47th Golden Horse Awards (2010)

The 47th Golden Horse Awards – Chinese equivalent of American Oscars – were presented on Saturday in Taipei. Some red carpet pics and major winners below…

Ethan Ruan (best actor)
Ethan Ruan at Golden Horse Awards 2010 red carpet

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Monga (2010) movie trailer

Monga is a Taiwanese gangster themed movie, directed by Doze Niu and starring heartthrobs Mark Chao and Ethan Ruan

Looks like typical Hong Kong gangster films which were ultra popular in the 90s. Doesn’t seem too bad, and the casting should guarantee it to be a huge hit in Taiwan. They need a bit more to attract foreign audiences though, Taiwanese films have been playing catchup in international box office for the past decade.

Jolin Tsai – Compromise music video (ft. Ethan Ruan)

Chinese music video “Compromise” (妥协) from Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai’s latest album, “Butterfly”. Popular actor Ethan Ruan co-starred in the MV…

The song is about how the girl compromised on almost everything to keep her lover, but still ended up losing him… and probably losing her inner self.

Gillian Chung to star in Taiwanese idol drama

Hong Kong star Gillian Chung might be starring alongside Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan and actress Cheryl Yang in a Taiwanese idol drama.

Picture of Hong Kong artist Gillian ChungGillian is struggling to make her comeback after the infamous Edison Chen scandal… her Hollywood venture didn’t work well as she only managed a three-second cameo; while her appearance in the highly anticipated Chinese movie “Mei Lanfang” is wiped out altogether.

It’s reported that EEG (Gillian’s agency) is making compromises to have Gillian in the idol drama, which she will take on the supporting female role instead of the main lead.

The arrangement has not been finalised though; despite willing to take a pay cut… EEG’s desired pay is ironically the highest among the cast. The drama producers are still in negotiation with EEG and are positive that they could reach an agreement.

Update – the parties involved couldn’t reach a final agreement; Gillian won’t be appearing in the drama. Young actress Yang Ya Zhu is taking the role instead.

Golden Bell Awards 2008

The 43rd Golden Bell Awards were presented in Taipei on Friday (Oct 31); Golden Bell is Taiwan’s most prestigious radio and television broadcasting awards.

“Fated to Love You” won the best drama series as expected; Ariel Lin was crowned the best actress (in drama series) with “They Kiss Again”; while Jacky Wu and A-Ya claimed the best variety show hosts award with “Guess Guess Guess”.

Other winners are relatively unknown; couldn’t recognise most of the names to be frank. Sharing a few red carpet pics (from Sohu) instead…

The emcees – Patty Ho, Jacky Wu and Tian Xin

Picture of Taiwanese stars Patty Ho, Jacky Wu and Tian Xin at Golden Bell Awards 2008 in Taipei

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