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Moumoon – It’s Our Time in Paris

Music video for It’s Our Time by Japanese pop duo moumoon, released in June 2015. Found this song after blogging them a couple of months ago.

The MV was shot in Paris when the band held their first solo concert (which was sold out) in the French capital in May 2015. The song is OK, but the video looks like a beautiful travelogue… feels like visiting Europe again after watching this.

By the way, half of the group name moumoon comes from French. “Mou” means soft in French, hence their name can be interpreted as soft moon in English =)

Top 10 London Attractions

The official London city guide has made a video for the 10 best attractions in the metropolis, including museums, galleries and world heritage sites.

No nature sceneries, and shopping is not recommended lol. Actually, the list is based on official visitor numbers, some places simply don’t have a headcount for that.

Park Min-young SKT Europe travel diary

Korean actress Park Min-young travelled across Europe to film a new commercial for SK Telecom’s international roaming service (and travel app).

Park Min-young Europe travel diary

Greek tourism, an eternal journey

Official Greek tourism promotion video which promotes the country’s rich history, culture, architecture, beautiful landscapes and travel attractions.

With the ongoing Greek government-debt crisis, the tourism industry is probably more important than ever for the country’s economics.

World’s largest model train set at Miniatur Wunderland

The world’s largest model railway and train set, located in the Miniatur Wunderland, a private museum in Hamburg, Germany. Updated with a new video.