F*ing Motesto by Moe Oshikiri & Yuri Ebihara

Promotional wallpapers for 2014 S/S collection of f-ing Motesto [Jp], a hosiery line by Japanese models Moe Oshikiri and Yuri Ebihara. Both the ladies are exclusive models for AneCan Magazine and have collaborated in some other projects.

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Yuri Ebihara f*ing Motesto

Japanese legwear brand f-ing Motesto [Jp] 2011 S/S collection, co-produced by model Yuri Ebihara. She tied the knot with Ilmari from music group Rip Slyme in 2015, which probably will see the drop of her popularity… it’s an unfortunate norm for female celebrities (who got married) in Japanese showbiz industry.

Yuri Ebihara Motesto 2011 SS collection

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