Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 nominees (HD)

The HK Film Awards Association [Cn] has released photos (for its special publication) of the main nominees of the 2014 awards which will be presented on April 13 (updated, winners in bold text, congratulations).

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 best actress nominees
Best Actress – Cherry Ngan, Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Sammi Cheng, Nina Paw

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Angelababy Horsey New Year

Hong Kong actress Angelababy wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse according to Chinese astrology, and red is the de facto colour in Chinese New Year. Photos by Sohu [Cn]…

Angelababy Chinese New Horse Year

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Ada Choi Suisse Reborn commercial

HK actress Ada Choi’s Cantonese commercial for skincare product Suisse Reborn.

Hong Kong Airlines TVC 2013

TV commercial for Hong Kong Airlines 2013 brand campaign. The idea is that the flight attendants are equipped with youthful heart and energetic physicality to provide the best for the passengers. First video in English, second (identical) in Cantonese.

Giant rubber duck deflates in Hong Kong

The famous giant rubber duck, a creation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, has mysteriously deflated during its current trip in Hong Kong. The ducky was supposed to stay until June; the organiser of the exhibition is working to bring it back up.

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