PETRONAS Deepavali – The Light Within

A short, light-hearted movie by Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS, in celebration of Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights in 2014. Happy Deepavali to my Hindus neighbours and devotees worldwide.

Maria Sokolovski Seasons India 2013

Russian model Maria Sokolovski posing for the 2013 collection of Seasons, a Mumbai based fashion company famous for its modernised traditional Indian dresses…

Maria Sokolovski Seasons India 2013

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Maria Sokolovski Seasons India saree photoshoot

Old photos, 2009 collection by Seasons India, a Mumbai based fashion company specialises in traditional Indian dresses, i.e. saree and salwar-kameez etc…

Neha Dalvi Seasons India fashion photoshoot

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Bizarre baby throwing ritual in India

A bizarre traditional ritual in India where babies are thrown from a height of 50 feet onto a cloth sheet held below for the sake of good health…

Devotees say no babies were injured during the ritual, which is practised annually by Muslims and Hindus in a village in western India’s Solapur district for 500 years.


Tata Nano, world’s cheapest car goes on sale

Tata Nano, cheapest car in the worldIndia’s Tata Motors announced on Monday (Mar 23) the commercial launch of Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car at 100,000 rupees (USD1,990) apiece.

Nano created huge buzz worldwide when it was unveiled in January 2008; the car is in hot demand in India where it’ll hit the roads in July 2009.

The demand for the car is so high that the company has to make a lucky draw to decide their first 100,000 customers for the first phase of deliveries. A dedicated assembly plant will be ready in 2010 with an annualised capacity of 350,000 cars.

There are reasons why Tata Nano is so cheap; but as it’s often stressed, the Nano’s main aim is to provide safe, affordable, four-wheel transportation to families… and we can’t argue that a car would be much safer than a bike.

Some environmentalists are not that fond of the car, as more cars = more pollution. Tata has responded to the issue that an electric version of Nano is in mind, which has sprung wide interest in western countries.

Btw, the car might lack certain comfortability features, but it’s not lacking in design… that’s one cute car that I don’t mind owning based on appearance alone.