IU Japanese CanCam Magazine (HD)

Popular Korean singer IU is featured in February 2013 issue of Japanese CanCam [Jp] Magazine. The songstress has released a couple of Japanese single in 2012 with moderate success. Scans by Skipjackperch, Katsu33, via WeheartIU.

IU Japanese CanCam Magazine

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IU basketball game

Photos of Korean pop singer IU – the “it” girl at the moment – as special guest at a professional basketball game. Image by 1st Holic [Kr]…

Korean singer IU basketball game

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IU, Japan, Last Fantasy

Korean music video for Last Fantasy by Korean singer IU, with footages from her first Japanese showcase at Orchard Hall, Bunkamura in Shibuya of Tokyo on January 24, and also short clips of IU visiting various parts of Tokyo. Nice stuff…

The popular teen singer is set to release her first Japanese single/album in March.

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IU – YOU & I music video & pics

MV for You & I by Korean singer IU, main track of her Last Fantasy album which was released on November 29. I’ve embedded both the drama and dance version videos…

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IU – Samsung Galaxy SII LTE commercials

Korean TV commercials for Samsung Galaxy SII LTE mobile phone, featuring popular singer IU. Can’t understand the selling point, but kinda cute…

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