Karate Kid (2010) movie trailer

International trailer for Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith…

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Jackie Chan selling fish in Singapore?

Jackie Chan sells fish in SingaporeA fish monger in Singapore has been enjoying a bit of celebrity fame for his close resemblance to popular Chinese actor Jackie Chan.

The 48-year-old Mr Chong said that his business has always been well in the past 20 years, partially thanks to his look. He also said that he looks more like Jackie as age grows.

Besides getting extra business, his look also led to a cameo appearance in popular local movie I Not Stupid, starring as none other than ‘Jackie Chan’.

The close resemblance does cause some trouble though, as he’s being asked for autographs and photos quite often despite his denial. [via omy][Cn]

Jackie Chan to hold concert at Bird’s Nest

International Chinese star Jackie Chan is going to hold a charity concert at Beijing National Stadium, the main Beijing Olympic venue which is popularly known as the Bird’s Nest.

Chinese star Jackie Chan at Beijing press conference
Jackie Chan at the press conference (Image from Baidu (Cn))

Jackie and the concert promoter held a press conference on April 1st to announce the news; the concert is scheduled to run on May 1st and would be the first major non-sport event to be held at the stadium.

Themed as “Descendant of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and Friends”, it’s expected that a few big names will be invited for the concert, with Jackie Chan taking the lead.

[Update] Among the confirmed invited guests are Korean star Rain, pop group Suju-M and Zhang Liyin. Other

Jackie Chan to star in Karate Kid remake

Poster of Hollywood movie The Karate KidJackie Chan has confirmed that he will star in the remake of box office hit “The Karate Kid”. The popular actor will star as a karate master who helps a teenager to stand up to high school bullies.

The role (known as Mr Miyagi) was original played by late Pat Morita in the 1984 film, which earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

The teenage protagonist (by Ralph Macchio in 1984) will be played by Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son.

The remake is a co-production between Columbia Pictures and state-run China Film Group; filming is scheduled to start in Beijing this summer.

The Mr Miyagi role was a classic… it’s a tough one for Jackie (or anyone else) to emulate. I have a feeling though, that they would switch the film from karate to Chinese martial arts oriented instead… “The Kungfu Kid” perhaps?

Beijing Olympics roundup (7)

Some random news about Beijing 2008 Olympics

The power of love

Matthias Steiner of Germany was the men’s +105kg weightlifting champion on Tuesday. When I first saw the picture, I thought of how romantic this guy was… I only knew a day later that the woman in the picture was his wife Susann, who died in a car accident last year, and it sparked plenty of emotions…

Picture of German weightlifter Matthias Steiner with his wife photo at Beijing Olympics 2008
Matthias with his gold medal and a photo of his late wife (Image via Beijing2008)

This will probably be the most memorable Beijing Olympics’ photo for me… it draws love, sadness, romance, pride, commitment and loyalty. If I am a woman I would probably fall in love with this guy.

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