Shaolin (2010) movie trailer

Trailer for Chinese movie Shaolin (新少林寺), starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Wu Jing and Fan Bingbing; to be released in December…

The movie is branded as a remake of Jet Li’s debut film The Shaolin Temple from 1982, but not really related. It’s just that both stories are based on the famous Shaolin Monastery, about its martial arts and more importantly its philosophy.

This trailer was released months earlier when the filming was still in progress; another final trailer is expected soon, but this one looks interesting enough.

Aaron Kwok Speaks English

Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok was in Malaysia to promote his newest film City Under Seige. As far as I could remember this was the first time he’s interviewed in English, which he did surprisingly well. Video by Thestaronline@Youtube…

Also in the video is actress Zhang Jingchu (who looks gorgeous and speaks like a pro), actor Wu Jing and director Benny Chan.