Japanese advertising archives - Japanese celebrity endorsements and commercials

Manzoku Japanese flying legs commercial

Japanese commercial for hosiery brand Manzoku with a “flying legs” concept. The first video is a standard TV spot while the second a longer one minute version.

Manzoku (満足) is a sub-brand by Japanese legwear manufacturer Fukuske Corporation which also produce other brands like f*ing, S-leg and femozione etc.

Casio EXILIM FR10 Commercial

Japanese commercial-movie for Casio EX-FR10, a digital camera which separates the lens from the controller. Accessories are provided so that the lens can be placed/attached to various spots; not sure if it’s a new idea but looks interesting.

Retail price is around USD450. I’m looking for a new compact camera, this is a plausible alternative. I’m a bit sceptical with the brand’s image quality though.

Miki Arimura x Boncierge making film

Behind-the-scene video for 2014 collection of Japanese fashion brand BONCIERGE, featuring model Miki Arimura in the photo shoots. Cute background music =)

Miki Arimura started acting and modelling in 2002 but focused on the later after a few years. She’s an exclusive model with AneCan Magazine. She has also featured in various commercials and a regular guest on TV shows.

Not to be confused with a namesake Japanese pianist active in Singapore.


BONCIERGE is a sub-brand of clothing company Bonmax founded in 1906 (and incorporated in 1948). Japan has the most number of companies older than 100 years in the world, more than 21,000 as of 2009.

Bonmax specialised in corporate uniforms, office suits and formal wear. They also produced casual clothing and fashion accessories.

Maggy Vanquish Venus

Promotional photos and making video for the latest Vanquish Venus [Jp] project, featuring Canadian-Japanese model Maggy. Vanquish Venus is a short term collaboration between Japanese fashion brand VANQUISH with female celebs modelling in men’s clothing, the brand’s core business.

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SMBC Japan – Lady, Fight Commercial

Japanese commercial for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) which shows their appreciation for women in the workforce.

The word “fight” is often used as word of encouragement in Asia, a short form for “keep on fighting”. Music by pop rock band Southern All Stars.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation lady fight commercial