Indian man visits every countries in the world

Indian businessman Kashi Samaddar, 52, became the first person to visit all sovereign countries (192 according to UN) in the world. He’s certified by Guinness World Records for completing the journey between July 2002 and May 2009.

Indian businessman Kashi Samaddar in Serbia, completing around the world trip

The defining moment dates back to 2003 when he was denied a visa from South Africa because of his nationality. Feeling humiliated he made a promise to himself that he would travel to all the countries in the world as a mark of defiance.

He first completed his journey (took 12+ years) in May 2008 when he arrived in Serbia (pic). And I guess he revisited some of the countries again for the Guinness record 6+ years feat. The epic trip cost him about $700,000 USD.

[image via Worldrecordsacademy][via Neatorama]