Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa archives - Advertisements and movies ft. Keiko Kitagawa

Keiko Kitagawa With Ray Magazines

Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa is featured as cover girl for both Ray Magazine [Jp] and With Magazine [Jp] in November 2010.

Keiko Kitagawa Japanese Ray Magazine

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Keiko Kitagawa – Kanebo SALA Commercials

Japanese commercials for Kanebo’s SALA haircare products, featuring popular actress Keiko Kitagawa. The first video is a recent one while the second from 2009.

Keiko Kitagawa plays swordswoman in movie

Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa is playing a swordswoman in her new movie After the Flowers which is scheduled to show in March 2010. Don’t have much clue what the film is about, love the promotional pictures though.

Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa in movie After The Flowers

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Tsumabuki and Kitagawa – ANA Okinawan Commercial

A fun Japanese commercial for All Nippon Airways – starring actor Satoshi Tsumabuki and actress Keiko Kitagawa etc. – which introduces the tourist attractions in Okinawa Prefecture.