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CNN: Who is Kim Jong-un?

A summary about Kim Jong-un, the North Korean supreme leader who took over the reign from his father who passed away in 2011. Coming from CNN I expected the video to be more “aggressive” but it’s simple facts and stories.

There were hopes that the isolated nation would become more liberal at first when Kim Jong-un took over but all that have vanished since; this guy is probably worse than his predecessor when it comes to dictatorship and cruelty.

Kim Jong-un – the next North Korean leader

Photo of Kim Jong-un – the heir presumptive to the dictatorship leadership of North Korea upon Kim Jong-il’s death or abdication – attending a Korean New Year musical event in Pyongyang. The haircut is just… wow…

Kim Jong-un next North Korean leader

Probably the clearest pic of Kim junior since he was unveiled unofficially as the successor to Kim senior in September 2010. Image via Xinhuanet [Cn].