Shin Godzilla (2016) Japanese movie trailer

Teaser for Japanese movie Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ), in theatres in Japan this summer. The film is co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. It’s the 31st instalment in the Godzilla franchise and the third reboot by Toho Pictures.

The Shin is a play of words which can mean a few things. Officially it’s RESURGENCE in English title, some Asian teasers go with TRUE, social media seems to like it as GOD, while I prefer the simpler NEW instead. It all seems to fit though.

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My Little Sweat Pea (2013) movie teaser

Teaser for upcoming Japanese film Mugiko-san to (My Sweet Little Pea), directed by Keisuke Yoshida, starring Maki Horikita, Ryuhei Matsuda and Kimiko Yo.

Mugiko (her name means little pea), who lives with her brother and works at a manga store, is dreaming to become a voice actress. One day, her mother whom she barely knew turns up and moves in with the siblings, causing discomfort.

Apparently the mum is really ill (not knowingly to her daughter) and wants to spend her last days with the family. Mugiko has to deliver her mother’s ashes back to her hometown after she passes away, and discovers a lot more about her mother (and probably why she left when Mugiko was a kid) from her old friends.

Ken Takakura – Anata e (2012) movie trailer

Teaser for Japanese movie Dearest (あなたへ, Anata e), directed by Yasuo Furuhata and stars iconic actor Ken Takakura. In theatres August 2012.

The story follows a man’s journey to his wife’s hometown in order to scatter her ashes into the sea. He travels through many famous locations, recalling his memories with his wife along the way. He also meets and makes new friends.

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Departures (2008) movie review

Departures (おくりびと, Okuribito) is a multiple award winning Japanese movie and winner of the best foreign language film at the Academy Awards in 2009.

Directed by Yojiro Takita and starring Masahiro Motoki, the movie follows the story of a nokanshi whose job is to prepare the death for encoffinment. Other cast include Ryoko Hirosue, Tsutomu Yamazaki and Kimiko Yo etc.

Japanese movie Departures aka Okuribito

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