Nanami Sakuraba Hakama Collection

Japanese actress Nanami Sakuraba modelling for Memorial Day’s Hakama Collection by clothing company Maimu [Jp]. If not mistaken Hakama is the lower part (or the outer layer) of the traditional costume worn over the kimono.

Nanami Sakuraba Maimu Hakama Collection

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Japan Airlines Expo ’70 advertisement

A bit vintage, JAL advertisement for Japan World Exposition in Suita, Osaka, in 1970.

Japan Airlines vintage advertisement

Nogizaka46 Seijin no Hi 2013

Four members of Japanese pop group Nogizaka46 – i.e. Sayuri Matsumura, Nanami Hashimoto, Mai Shiraishi and Misa Eto – celebrated Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day) on January 13 in traditional kimono costumes.

Seijin no Hi is a national holiday (second Monday in January each year) for Japanese who reached the legal age of adulthood (20) to celebrate their new status. Many would don in kimono and visit a shrine that day.

Nogizaka46 Japanese Seijin no Hi 2013

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Reina Triendl Nishizen Kimono

Japanese kimono maker Nishizen [Jp] has teamed up with European-Asian model Reina Triendl for a special “Reina Triendl Doll” brand.

European Asian model Reina Triendl kimono

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Erina Mano and Maimi Yajima in Yukata

Japanese pop idols Erina Mano and C-ute’s Maimi Yajima in yukata (a type of kimono usually worn in summer) for recent issue of Hello Channel Magazine.

Erina Mano and Maimi Yajima in yukata