Kyoko Fukada Big Comic Spirits

Found some not-too-old pictures (2009) of Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada in Big Comic Spirits Weekly Magazine. You would know who she is if you are into Japanese showbiz in early 2000s, very popular back then…

Kyoko Fukada Big Comic Spirits Magazine

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Hikaru Utada & Kyoko Fukada dating?

Hikaru Utada and Kyoko Fukada dating rumourOne of the funnier rumours I’ve read recently… of Japanese singer Hikaru Utada and actress Kyoko Fukada in a romantic relationship. Yupe, lesbian love.

The rumours started because the ‘couple’ was often seen together in a gay bar district. It’s nothing new as it’s common for Japanese stars to patron gay bars, but it still makes a good story to sell some papers.

And here’s the second fun part… a fan twitted the news to Utada and got a direct response with a LoL. Too bad, the duo could be a pretty cute couple ;)

Kyoko Fukada & Keiko Matsuzaka – Menard Commercial

Japanese commercial for Menard Fairlucent skin care product, featuring veteran actress Keiko Matsuzaka and the younger Kyoko Fukada