PETRONAS Deepavali – The Light Within

A short, light-hearted movie by Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS, in celebration of Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights in 2014. Happy Deepavali to my Hindus neighbours and devotees worldwide.

Wau Making, Kelantan, Malaysia

The Wau is a uniquely Malaysian kite, one of the country’s few iconic national symbols. The Kelantan State is most famous for this craft, which is truly beautiful.

Chinese New Year celebration in George Town, Malaysia

Annual Penang CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration in George Town, Malaysia. You can catch a few glimpse of Chinese traditional culture from the video…

George Town is one of the oldest cities in the country; part of the old quarter has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Lucky wild boars at Indian temple in Malaysia

An Indian temple in Taiping, Malaysia, is attracting hundreds of daily visitors hoping to get some luck by wrestling interacting with some wild boars…

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Michael Rogge – Old Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

City of Kuala Lumpur in 1961. Video by Michael Rogge, (former) banker and cinematographer from Netherlands who was stationed in Asia in 1950s…

There’s a huge video collection of Rogge during his stay in Japan and Hong Kong from 1949 to 1961, which I absolutely adore… it’s a valuable cultural heritage imo. You can check all his works on his Youtube channel.