Jaclyn Victor – Gemilang

Malay music video for Gemilang (means Glory), a song by Jaclyn Victor, first performed a decade ago when she was crowned the first Malaysian Idol in 2004.

Hari Malaysia – Slipstream

Music video for Slipstream, a song commemorating the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia on September 16, 2013 – written/produced by Pete Teo and performed by singer Melina William.

Made from archived news footage on August 31, 1957 (Independence of Malaya) and September 16, 1963 (Formation of Malaysia), the video features extracts from the Declaration Of Independence speech by Tunku Adbul Rahman as well as scenes from around the country on those two days.

Additionally, modern Malaysian personalities including politicians, business people, activists, artists (e.g Michelle Yeoh) and sports people were inserted into these footage through visual effects technology. Happy Malaysia Day.

2AM Bila Terasa Rindu @ Malaysia Concert

Video of Korean pop group 2AM singing a Malay song, Bila Terasa Rindu (originally by Malaysian singer Dafi), at The Way of Love 2AM Concert in Malaysia on December 1.

They performed that really well. The concert was widely praised by fans and media too.

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Tempered Mental – Honestly music video

English music video for Honestly, a 2004 song by Malaysian indie rock band Tempered Mental. The three-member team – Melina, Jimmy and Jack – held a mini-tour across Japan recently.

Team Malaysia – Gemuruh Suara

Malay music video for Gemuruh Suara, official song for Team Malaysia, a project jointly launched by the National Sports Council, the Olympic Council and Telekom Malaysia in order to promote sport activities in Malaysia.

The participating stars in the MV are KRU, Ramli Sarip, Suki Low, Hannah Tan, Mooky and Caprice – a blend of veterans and young singers.