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McDonald’s Taiwan celebrates new year with cosplay waitresses

McDonald’s staff in Taiwan will be serving their customers in cosplay costumes on New Year’s Eve. The fast food company has introduced the concept at one of its popular branches in Taipei to kick off the buzz…

The featured employees in this preview are obviously selected ones. It will probably be a fun event and I hope the staff enjoy the special occasion as much as the patrons. Just don’t expect eye-candies in all the outlets.

First McDonald’s in Moscow in 1990

Old video showing the long queue on the opening day (Jan 31, 1990) of the first – and back then the world’s largest – McDonald’s restaurant in former Soviet Union.

The restaurant was operated by McDonald’s Canada instead of the American HQ, probably to avoid sensitivity issue as the Cold War has just ended.

McDonald’s also opened its first outlet in mainland China in October the same year.

Free Breakfast at McDonald’s Malaysia

McDonalds Malaysia free breakfastMcDonald’s Malaysia will be giving away free Egg McMuffin to the first 1000 visitors of each of the 215 restaurant nationwide on November 19 to celebrate its Breakfast Day.

Not sure what’s the purpose besides marketing gimmick. At least they have the courtesy to offer it absolutely free (one per customer) with no string attached.

This sort of promotion is often a double-edge sword. Some folks will happily grab the freebies while bunch of others disgruntled (empty-handed, long queue etc.)

Check McDonald’s (MY) website for details. Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow… knowing Malaysians it will be pretty rowdy at some outlets.

Yuri Ebihara cute Japanese commercial

Cute Japanese commercial for McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O shrimp burger, featuring popular model Yuri Ebihara who’s nicknamed Ebi-chan by her fans.

The fast food restaurant chain obviously picked her in this advertising for the pun. Regardless of intention it’s an eye-catching video for sure.

Not sure what the hat is for… the white cream sauce on top of the fillings perhaps? Updated with a picture of the beautiful Ebi and McDonald’s Ebi… but I think it’s an image from an earlier campaign prior to the above commercial.

Japanese model Yuri Ebihara McDonalds shrimp burger

Sexy Japanese McDonald’s Commercial

Japanese commercial for McDonald’s Tomato Grande burger. Yum yum…

[Update] The advertisement gone viral again in 2015 because of the model’s resemblance to American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

The model’s name is actually Agota Varga and she’s from Romania; she has featured in campaigns for well-known fashion and cosmetic brands in Europe.