Mighty Mouth ft Soya – Tok Tok music video

Korean music video for Tok Tok by hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, featuring female singer Soya (not in the vid). Rookie Lee Soo-bin starred in the MV. Decent song…

Mighty Mouth ft. Insooni – Laugh music video

English subbed MV of Laugh (웃어) by Korean hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, featuring R&B diva Insooni. The song is the first track from the duo’s Smile mini-album…

The song is just ok for me, but I like its a-laughter-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away theme. Another attraction of the video is the cameos from host of Korean stars, i.e. 4minute, Kara, After School, 2am, Epik High, Lee Seung-gi, Baek Ji-young, Taegoon, Kim Jong-kook, Kim Tae-woo, Jung Juri and Jewelry S etc.

[Video subbed by TwirlyBox@Youtube]

Mighty Mouth ft. Han Ye-seul – Love Class

Korean pop duo Mighty Mouth have released their latest song, Love Class, featuring actress Han Ye-seul as the female vocal. She doesn’t appear in the MV though, which features young idols Uee and HyunA instead.

Ok song, cute video, and Han Ye-seul sounds surprisingly good for a non-pro.