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Nanami Hashimoto, Misa Eto, Mai Fukagawa Japanese Young Magazine

[HD Photos] Nanami Hashimoto, Misa Eto and Mai Fukagawa of Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 in 2015-no.48 issue of Weekly Young Magazine [Jp].

Nogizaka46 was established in 2011 as one of the AKB48 franchises. The group has over 40 members and one of the best-selling pop acts in Japan. Their latest single, Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru, was released just a few days ago.

Nanami Hashimoto, Misa Eto, Mai Fukagawa Japanese Young Magazine

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Nogizaka46 B.L.T. photobook promo videos

Promotion videos for Japanese girl group Nogizaka46’s upcoming photo book which is published quarterly by B.L.T [Jp], a subsidiary of Tokyo News Service.

The featured members are Mai Shiraishi, Misa Etō, Rena Ichiki, Seira Nagashima, Minami Hoshino, Rina Yamato, Mai Shinuichi, Mai Fukagawa and Miona Hori.

Mai Shiraishi

Misa Eto

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Nogizaka46 Seijin no Hi 2013

Four members of Japanese pop group Nogizaka46 – i.e. Sayuri Matsumura, Nanami Hashimoto, Mai Shiraishi and Misa Eto – celebrated Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day) on January 13 in traditional kimono costumes.

Seijin no Hi is a national holiday (second Monday in January each year) for Japanese who reached the legal age of adulthood (20) to celebrate their new status. Many would don in kimono and visit a shrine that day.

Nogizaka46 Japanese Seijin no Hi 2013

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