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The final issue of Japanese AneCan Magazine

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri is the cover girl for the last issue (December 2016) of AneCan Magazine. The fashion magazine will suspend its publication after running for a decade because of business reasons. Poor sales, to put it boldly.

Oshikiri was also the cover girl for the first issue of AneCan in 2007. So it’s fitting that she’s the one who brings down the curtain on the magazine.

AneCan Magazine December 2016 final issue Moe Oshikiri

AneCan targeted women in mid to late twenties who have “graduated” from reading CanCam, its sister magazine for younger women and college students.

The challenge

CanCam is still running after 35 years though (first published in November 1981.) It’s an amazing feat but the future looks grim for fashion magazines worldwide, with the shift of interest and competition from internet publications etc.

To survive, the magazines have to build a strong branding with solid online presence and to venture globally. The later is something the Japanese media have fallen behind in the past decade, it’s so difficult for non-Japanese to reach their contents.

Moe Oshikiri Japanese mascara commercial

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri in a commercial for D.UP mascara. Straight-forward message by making comparison of her “bare” face and her full makeup look.

Veteran model

Oshikiri is best known for her work with fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam. She made her modelling d├ębut when she was in high school, about 20 years ago.

Oshikiri is also an experienced emcee and hosted a few TV programs in the past. She also got into writing in recent years and has published a novel and a children’s book. The diversity is probably why she has such a long and successful career.

Japanese AneCan Magazine cosplay party

Japanese AneCan Magazine recently hosted a cosplay party to celebrate its seventh anniversary. The invited guests included stylists, photographers, editors and columnists etc. who have worked with AneCan in the past.

The magazine’s exclusive models also dressed up in various character-costumes for the event and a special photo shoot. Seems a bit too tidied though…

Costume play

Miki Arimura as an auto racer, Yuri Ebihara as Cleopatra, Moe Oshikiri as figure skater Mao Asada, Suzuki Sachi as Lady Gaga, Midori Kuzuoka as Catwoman, Shizuka Kondo as Shizuka (nice pun) from the Doraemon franchise, and Reiko Takagaki as an actor from the Takarazuka Revue theatre troupe.

F*ing Motesto by Moe Oshikiri & Yuri Ebihara

Promotional wallpapers for 2014 spring-summer collection of MOTESTO featuring Yuri Ebihara and Moe Oshikiri. The Japanese models co-produced the hosiery line with legwear brand f*ing (a subsidiary of Fukuske Corp).

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Moe Oshikiri Japanese La Parler Commercial

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri looks amazing in a commercial for La Parler, an aesthetic salon in Japan. Oshikiri is a famous exclusive-model for CanCam Magazine.

Although using a different term, aesthetic salons are not much different than beauty salons in other countries. However, considering how image-conscious Japan is, their beauty centres may feature some technologies ahead of other places.