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Moumoon – It’s Our Time in Paris

Music video for It’s Our Time by Japanese pop duo moumoon, released in June 2015. Found this song after blogging them a couple of months ago.

The MV was shot in Paris when the band held their first solo concert (which was sold out) in the French capital in May 2015. The song is OK, but the video looks like a beautiful travelogue… feels like visiting Europe again after watching this.

By the way, half of the group name moumoon comes from French. “Mou” means soft in French, hence their name can be interpreted as soft moon in English =)

Moumoon, Shooting Star, Assassination Classroom

Japanese MV for Hello, Shooting Star by pop duo moumoon, released in February 2015. It’s an ending song for popular anime series Assassination Classroom.

I was a fan of moumoon’s Sunshine Girl in 2010. Haven’t heard much from the band since then, but they are probably doing well in their home country. Many Japanese commercials, movies and TV shows have used their songs over the years.

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Moumoon – YAY Japanese music video

Japanese music video for YAY by pop band moumoon. The song was released a few months after Sunshine Girl in 2010 but didn’t draw my attention then.

Sunshine Girl was one of my favourite songs last year; YAY is just OK relatively. What’s special about this MV though, is that it starred four exclusive models from CanCam Magazine. It’s eye candy even if you don’t like the music.

The featured girls are Aiku Maikawa, Mizuki Yamamoto, Hasuki Tsuchiya and Mew Azama. The video also showcased some cute fashions and makeups (and kitchen settings LoL?) which young Japanese women would love.

Moumoon – Sunshine Girl Japanese MV

Japanese music video for Sunshine Girl by pop band moumoon which was released last month. A cute and soothing song which brightens my day, love it…

Moumoon, often stylized as moumoon, is a pop duo comprising YUKA (vocals) and Kousuke Masaki (guitar). The band’s name is a combination of French word “mou” which means soft, and the English “moon”.

The duo met at a summer rock festival in 2004 and formed the group a year later. The band stayed indie for a few years before signing with major label Avex. If not mistaken Sunshine Girl is their first major release.

Moumoon also self-produced and arranged most of their songs, with Masaki composing the music and YUKA writing the lyrics.