Japanese singer Namie Amuro archives - MV, magazine and commercial ft. Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro Ginza Magazine

Japanese pop star Namie Amuro is featured on Ginza Magazine [Jp] with a new hairstyle. Most probably a wig, but it suits her well…

Namie Amuro Japanese Ginza Magazine

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Okinawa International Movie Festival (2010) red carpet

Red carpet video at the opening event of the 2010 Okinawa International Movie Festival. To be frank I can’t recognise most of the celebrities; the only one I know is Okinawa born pop star Namie Amuro (0:50-1:00)…

Namie Amuro gets wild for Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s Japanese commercial (shown in The Philippines too), featuring pop star Namie Amuro with her latest single, Wild. Some wallpapers after the video…

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Oricon Favourite Japanese Artists 2008

Utada Hikaru tops Japanese magazine Oricon Style’s annual favourite artist chart [Jp] for the second year in a row. A total of 20758 votes were cast by the magazine subscribers for the poll. The top 20 Oricon favourite artists in 2008 are…

1. Utada Hikaru 2. Kobukuro 3. aiko 4. Mr Children 5. Dreams Come True 6. Southern All Stars 7. Namie Amuro 8. B’z 9. Spitz 10. Arashi 11. Masaharu Fukuyama 12. Kou Shibasaki 13. EXILE 14. Porno Graffiti 15. Ayaka 16. YUI 17.Ken Hirai 18. YUKI 19. Kuwata Keisuke 20. Yuzu

Kindly note that artists in Japanese terms often refers to musicians but not actors, so many of your favourite stars may not appear in the list.