Amazing Race Asia 3 – Ep 1 – Bangkok to Chiangmai

The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) season 3 has premiered on AXN-Asia on September 11.

I know most of the regulars here are not watching this show (or not able to), thus I’m not going to bore you with the details… but will share some Asian cultures and places that are featured in the race instead.


The race started at the Rama 1 Monument in Bangkok… the first feature that came onto scene was the famous auto-rickshaws commonly known as ‘Tuk Tuk’ in Thailand.

Similar auto-rickshaws can also be found in other South Asian countries, but Thai’s Tuk Tuk is probably the most iconic version. Little known fact though, is that Tuk Tuk was originated from Japan and was brought into Thailand in late 1950s. Most of the Tuk Tuk these days are local made.

Picture of Tuk Tuk auto-rickshaw in Bangkok, Thailand
Tuk Tuk in Bangkok (Image from Heinrich Damm)

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