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Daily life in North Korea as a foreign tourist

Video by travel blogger Jacob Laukaitis who visited North Korea with a tour group earlier this year. He revealed the basic do’s and don’ts at the beginning of the film, and he didn’t hide the fact that most of the things he seen were staged.

Set politics (and atom bombs) aside, an interesting tourism video for the “mysterious” country. It reminds me of my trip to China in late 90’s, in other words North Korea seems to be 15-20 years behind some parts of the world.

North Korea has a luxury ski resort

North Korea has opened a luxury ski resort in early 2014. The Masikryong Ski Resort was built at the summit of the 1,360-metre Taehwa Peak, some 20 kilometres outside Wonsan City in Kangwon Province.

The Masikryong (literally “horse-resting pass”) project was constructed in just ten months. And it got some help from China to bypass the international sanction to get the much-needed infrastructures to complete the ski ground.

Photos by UriTours, a NY and Shanghai based travel agency specialising in North Korea trips. Judging from the pictures the resort doesn’t look too shabby.

North Korea Masikryong Ski Resort
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North Korea cruise holiday?

North Korea (with the help of a Chinese travel firm) has launched its own tourist liner using an old cargo ship. Not the usual cup of “tea” though…