Japanese actress Nozomi Sasaki archives - Adverts, magazines & movie ft. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki Weekly Young Jump & WPB

Japanese actress-model Nozomi Sasaki in recent issues of Weekly Young Jump [Jp] and Weekly Playboy [Jp] Magazines. No worries, safe for work stuff.

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Young Jump Magazine

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Nozomi Sasaki Weekly Young Jump 2011

Japanese actress-model Nozomi Sasaki is the cover girl for the 25th issue (2011) of Weekly Young Jump Magazine [Jp]. One of the most popular models in Japan, yet to savour notable success in acting though. Hat tip to Tanaka for the pics.

Nozomi Sasaki Weekly Young Jump magazine

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Nozomi Sasaki, Bikini, Okinawa

Japanese model Nozomi Sasaki posed in bikini for Visual Young Jump (extra web contents for Weekly Young Jump Magazine [Jp]) which was shot in Okinawa.

Nozomi Sasaki bikini photo book

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