Domino’s India Seventh Heaven TV Ad

TV commercial for Domino’s Pizza India. It’s the largest international market (outside of the US) for the franchise. Population is one thing but not all western fast food franchises have managed to set a stronghold in the country. Indians have a variety of flatbreads in their traditional menu, I guess pizza could blend in with their culture easily.

Maria Sokolovski Seasons India 2013

Russian model Maria Sokolovski posing for the 2013 collection of Seasons, a Mumbai based fashion company famous for its modernised traditional Indian dresses…

Maria Sokolovski Seasons India 2013

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India power outages

More than 600m people were affected by the power outage in India after a massive power breakdown for the second day in a row on Tuesday.

India has one of the lowest per capita rates of power consumption (about 1/10 of global average). Energy shortage is a known issue and probably will continue to be a thorn in future. It’s the world’s worst blackout ever, and it might happen again soon.

Aakash – world’s cheapest tablet computer from India

India Aakash world cheapest tablet computerIndia has launched what it dubbed as the world’s cheapest tablet computer on Wednesday, to be sold to students at a subsidized price of US$35 and later in shops for about $60.

The touch-screen device, called Aakash, or “sky” in Hindi, is currently assembled by a British company. A pilot run of 100,000 units will be given to students for free, with the first 500 handed out at the launch to a mixed response. Image by Parivartan Sharma, more details on Reuters.

Very little technical information is available beside the fact that it’s running on Android. And speaking of “cheapest”, India also wowed the world in 2008 with Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, which is doing pretty well domestically. What you pay is what you get; but there’s always demand for cheap (and relatively low quality) stuff.

Akon, Chammak Challo, Ra.One

Chammak Challo, a Hindi song by Senegalese-American singer Akon (not in video) for Bollywood film Ra.One, a science-fiction-superhero-action-flick starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor (who sings the female part if not mistaken)…

Group dance – essential in most Bollywood movies – is not spared even if it’s scifi.