February snow in Seoul, Korea

It’s a warm winter in Seoul in 2015-2016. Snow was scarce and I thought I would not experienced another snowfall during this trip, but thankfully it did snow for a few hours on February 28… not a heavy one but enough to create some nice sceneries. Photos from a small hill-park (mostly) near my hostel in Sungin-dong.

February snow Seoul Korea 2016

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Japanese Sakura 2013

Awesome videos by AquaGeographic [Jp], shot from numerous popular cherry blossom viewing spots across Japan. Spring is in the air…

Famous sights of cherry blossoms in Tohoku…

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Cherry blossom blizzard in Japan

Cherry blossoms 2012 in Japan. I’ve seen quite some cherry blossoms during my recent Korean trip, but this is another level of awesomeness with the falling petals…

Nico Fredia – Indonesian rural lifestyle

Amazing photography by Nico Fredia [1x] which showcases the rural living, people and landscape of Indonesia, presumably shot in Banten Province where the photographer is residing. Image via Pondly

Nico Fredia Indonesian lifestyle

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Autumn in Nikko, Japan

A beautiful video which shows the scenic autumn colours and landscape in Nikkō National Park, a popular tourist destination in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture…

Video by Hanazakura [Jp]. I’ve previously shared some works from the same Japanese publisher, i.e. Kurikoma autumn and winter-snow in 2010.