Youtube – best of Malaysia & Singapore

Best of Youtube series: Malaysia & Singapore.
Methodology: Just search for specific keyword on Youtube and share some of the most viewed videos here; limited to one video per channel.

Malaysian Idol (Michael Jackson) [by liquidbuffet]

Malaysian Idol 2004 audition. Epic performance.

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BY2 – Not Mature Enough music video

Chinese MV of “Not Mature Enough” (不够成熟 – Bu Gou Cheng Shu) by 16-year-old twins group BY2. The song is featured in their debut album “16 Under Age” (16 未成年) which was released a couple of months ago…

The public responses seem pretty encouraging for the Singapore born sisters, Miko and Yumi Peh… but it’s still too early to tell how popular they could be.

Their vocals still need some brush up, but I think they are already singing better than lots of the pop idols these days; and apparently they can dance a bit as well.