This is Korea, from a living perspective

Cool video by a Spanish vlogger for his trip to South Korea in 2010, which showcases the country’s attraction from a daily-living perspective instead of touristy stuff…

Background song is Time Walking on Memories, a 2008 hit by rock band Nell.

Lee Hyori Korean temple stay

Korean pop star Lee Hyori recently participated in a short temple stay program for her Golden 12 TV show in which she indulges in different kind of lifestyle with her friends. Photos from First Look [Kr] Magazine which covers the story…

Lee Hyori Korean temple stay

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Korea encore – Namsan hiking

Arrived early Monday morning at Incheon Airport, my second trip to South Korea

Incheon Airport 2012

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Dog Cafe BAU House, Hongdae, Seoul

BAU House is a dog cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, where customers can mingle with variety of canines (and a lonely cat). It’s a heaven for dog lovers lol. The cafe has been operating for at least a few years, and AFAIK, still going strong these days…

Video by Ricardo Mendialdua. Music by Gnarls Barkley and Marvin Gaye.

SNSD Yoona Innisfree Jeju travel diary

Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree has released a commercial series – starring pop group Girls’ Generation member Im Yoona – which was filmed on Jeju Island with a travel diary concept. I’m sharing just the summarised version with a few pics…

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