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This is Korea, from a living perspective

Cool video by a Spanish vlogger for his trip to South Korea in 2010, which showcases the country’s attraction from a daily-living perspective instead of touristy stuff…

Background song is Time Walking on Memories, a 2008 hit by rock band Nell.

Yoona Innisfree Eco-Healing commercials & photos (HD)

Korean commercials for Innisfree [Kr] skincare-cosmetics brand, featuring Yoona of pop group Girls’ Generation with an eco-healing travel theme. Filmed in Jeju, South Korea’s famous tourist island and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

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Lee Hyori Korean temple stay

Korean pop star Lee Hyori recently participated in a short temple stay program for her Golden 12 TV show in which she indulges in different kind of lifestyle with her friends. Photos from First Look [Kr] Magazine which covers the story…

Lee Hyori Korean temple stay

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Korea encore – Namsan hiking

Arrived early Monday morning at Incheon Airport, my second trip to South Korea

Incheon Airport 2012

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Dog Cafe BAU House, Hongdae, Seoul

BAU House is a dog cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, where customers can mingle with variety of canines (and a lonely cat). It’s a heaven for dog lovers lol. The cafe has been operating for at least a few years, and AFAIK, still going strong these days…

Video by Ricardo Mendialdua. Music by Gnarls Barkley and Marvin Gaye.