Girls’ Generation SPAO Winter 2011

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation members posing for SPAO’s winter collection.

Girls Generation members SPAO Winter 2011

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SNSD & Suju – SPAO Summer 2011 wallpapers

Korean fashion brand SPAO [Kr] has released the latest Summer wallpapers, featuring pop group Girls’ Generation and Super Junior. The groups are currently in Paris preparing for the SMTown Concert on June 10 & 11.

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Girls’ Generation, SPAO & Felix The Cat

Korean fashion house SPAO [Kr] is introducing a special collection featuring their resident models Girls’ Generation and cartoon character Felix The Cat.

The girls look lovely and bubbly. Click image for full size pic…

Girls Generation, SPAO and Felix The Cat

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SPAO October 2010 wallpaper

Latest desktop and mobile wallpapers from Korean clothing brand SPAO [Kr], featuring members from pop groups Girls’ Generation and Super Junior

Super Junior and Girls Generation SPAO wallpaper
Desktop – [1280×1024] [1024×768]

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Girls Generation – SPAO F/W 2010 wallpaper

Wallpapers of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation modelling for domestic clothing brand SPAO’s [Kr] F/W 2010 collection…

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