11 top Greek foods in Athens

Video by GrrrTravaller which showcases some great (vegetarian) foods in Athens, Greece; mostly cheap street foods which include yogurts, pies and coffee etc.

Korean street food – an irresistible taste

A promotion video by Korean Tourism Organization which showcases the country’s street food. Not a comprehensive guide, just a glimpse of what they can offer…

Chinese virgin-eggs cooked in boys urine

Virgin eggs (童子蛋) are chicken eggs cooked in the urine of young boys in China

China virgin urine eggs

Apparently the bizarre delicacy has a pretty long history in Dongyang City. But it’s making national headlines recently as it was discovered by some folks that the street food has been listed as one of the city’s cultural heritage.

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Practice makes perfect

A restaurant in Tamilnadu, India, making parotta bread with amazing precision.

Japan’s banana vending machine

Japan has got its first banana vending machine – installed in Tokyo’s Shibuya subway station on June 23 – courtesy of Dole

Japan banana vending machine

Wonder what took them so long… considering that Japanese folks could buy almost everything (so I thought) from vending machines. Seems like I might have been a bit over-optimistic about the significant of their vending machines.

Image from Shibukei [Jp], via Tokyotrends.