Jay Chou marries Hannah Quinlivan in Yorkshire, England

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou tied the knot with his 21-year-old girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan at the Selby Abbey in North Yorkshire, England, on January 17, the eve of his 36th birthday (it’s already Jan 18 in Taiwan at the time of wedding).

Jay Chou marries Hannah Quinlivan in England

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Li Na Nike Training Club Taiwan

Chinese tennis star Li Na in a commercial for Nike Training Club (a mobile app if not mistaken) in Taiwan, in which she talks about the benefits of a physically fit body.

Hsieh Su-Wei wins first grand slam for Taiwan

Hsieh Suwei Peng Shuai Wimbledon 2013Tennis player Hsieh Su-Wei (left) becomes the first Taiwanese to win a grand slam (tennis) title after winning the Wimbledon women’s doubles on Saturday with Chinese partner Peng Shuai.

The duo – which were born just four days apart in 1986 – has been playing tennis together since early teens. They split after turning pro before reunited again in 2008. Quite a fairy tale.

The fact that the success is formed between two players from China and Taiwan (which are in an ambiguous relationship) has prompted some side stories and awkward moments. Let’s hope the duo won’t split again because of politics.

Takeshi Kaneshiro – EVA Air I See You commercial

Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro is featured in the latest commercial and marketing campaign for EVA Air (I always thought it’s pronounced as a single word “eva” instead of E-V-A) which was filmed in Taiwan, Japan and France.

The CF is available in three languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)…

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Angelababy – Can We Smile Together (The First Time OST)

Chinese music video for Can We Smile Together (loose translation) by Chinese actress Angelababy; it’s a movie soundtrack for The First Time which she’s co-starring with Taiwanese actor Mark Chau. The song is written by pop star Jay Chou, lyrics by Vincent Fang. Decent song, and Angela actually sounds ok.

The movie is a loose remake of a 2003 Korean film …ing, about the unconventional romance between a chronically-ill girl and a free-spirited rocker.